Wanda Hewlett


Fiscal Administrator

Administrative Specialist III
Fiscal Administrator

Email - whewlett@vcu.edu
Phone - 804.827.1112
Fax - 804.828.0127

Office - Lafayette Hall Room 108
            312 N. Shafer St. 
            Richmond, VA 23220

Wanda Hewlett graduated from Randolph Henry High School in Charlotte Court House, Virginia in 1982. She came to VCU in 1992 and has worked in various departments including Pharmacology, Rhuematology, Chemistry, the Humanities and Sciences Deans office, and School of World Studies. Wanda writes poetry with several published works including "The Decision", which was used by Hilltop Records, a California-based recording and publishing company that promotes the songs of America's songwriters.



I Was Pregnant

I was Pregnant 
Pregnant was a bundle of words inside me
Full of energy and surprise

I was Pregnant 
Everyday I grow into a bloom 
Learning along the way

I was Pregnant 
Wanting to speak words of life
Wanting to plant a new seed for others

I was Pregnant 
Trying to express my feeling and thoughts
from the issues that grow around me

I was Pregnant 
Until I burst with my message
And express my thoughts
Until I change an life, a pattern, a structure
Until I do what I am put here for

I will be forever Pregnant

Poem from…And Life Goes On
By: Wanda Marie
Copyright #TX-004-042

I Keep Walking

That long journey we all have to take
the road of life far and wide
How will I walk it
I am scared
I am alone
But I keep walking
keep singing
keep praying

I will not turn around 
or get side tracked
I’ll keep walking 
Keep singing 
Keep praying

I’ve come to bumps in the road
And I’ve taken punches
I’ve cried my tears 
But I keep walking
Keep singing 
Keep praying

You know I get tired sometimes 
And have to sit down
And when I do
I give myself a makeover
And when I get up 
I keep walking
Keep singing 
Keep praying

I know my journey will end one day
and Lord knows my shoes are worn
but as I come up life’s road
I knew Jesus heard me
and he’ll let me in
Because I kept walking 
Kept singing 
and Lord knows I kept praying

Poem from….And Life Goes On
By: Wanda Marie
Copyright #TX-004-042