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Italian Language Students at VCU

Italian Language Program of the School of World Studies

The Italian Program at VCU offers students a transformative experience through studying Italian language and culture. Language courses are designed to promote the core competencies in language learning: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Courses in the Italian minor focus on the impact of Italy and its contribution to society across different disciplines such as literature, the arts, politics, history as well as familiarizing students with contemporary issues of Italian society. The Italian minor allows students to perfect their Italian speaking skills and gives students a translingual and transcultural educational experience that meets the demands of the 21st century.

The minor in Italian Studies is a very versatile program that can enhance a student's degree in International Studies, Sculpture, Craft and Material Studies, Art History, Communication Arts, Graphic Design, Theater, Music, Painting and Print Making, Interior Design, Fashion, History, and International Relations. The Italian minor gives students an in-depth knowledge of Italian language and culture across 18 Credit Hours.

Minor in Italian-VCU Bulletin

Globalization and International Studies in the Mediterranean

Gaeta, Italy

Program Directors: Rita Paolino & Cinzia Corubolo


Perugia: A Taste of Italy

Perugia Italy

Program Director: Gabriella Valsecchi