Minor in Catholic Studies

The minor in Catholic Studies consists of 18 credits.  

  1. Core Courses (6 credits)
    RELS 280 Introduction to Catholic Studies
    RELS 380 Contemporary Catholic Thought 

  2. Two RELS 491 designated “Catholic Studies” (6 credits) 

  3. At least two more courses from among the following (6 credits):
    HIST 307/RELS 308 The High Middle Ages
    HIST/RELS 309 The Reformation
    HIST/RELS 327 History of Christianity
    PHIL/RELS 430 Philosophy of Religion
    RELS 302 Introduction to the New Testament
    RELS 334 Religion in Contemporary America
    RELS 492 an approved “Catholic Studies” Independent Study
    SOCY/RELS 360 Sociology of Religion
    Other relevant courses may be accepted with the approval of an adviser.

An etching of a Catholic church.