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VCU professor of Spanish Panbehchi receiving an award on stage
Spanish Instructor Maria "LulĂș" de Panbhechi received the College's Distinguished Adjunct Award in 2013.

Spanish Language Program of the School of World Studies

The Spanish Program at VCU welcomes you to the School of World Studies!  The importance of the Spanish language and cultures is increasingly evident not only with the development of the Central and South American nations, but also as Spain continues its central role in the European Union.  The Spanish Program strives to give its students extensive knowledge of Spanish cultures, history, literature, and all necessary components of the language: grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  With these skills developed, the student will have a variety of career and studying options which will facilitate the intercultural dialogue between the English- and Spanish-speaking worlds.

The Spanish language opens many doors to exciting worlds on printed page, in moving image, and beyond. Join us as we explore the many facets of the Spanish-speaking world!

Major in Foreign Language with a concentration in Spanish

Minor in Spanish

Language Program Attendance Policy

Sigma Delta Pi (National Spanish Honor Society)

Nuestras metas

The Language Programs in the School of World Studies strive to provide quality instruction in foreign languages, cultures, and literatures.

As part of this mission the Spanish program works to provide you with opportunities inside the classroom and beyond to learn to:

  • write clearly in Spanish
  • express yourself with oral and cultural proficiency
  • explicate or analyze a literary passage
  • relate a work of literature to its cultural and or historical context
  • gain a better understanding of Spanish-speaking peoples and the realities in which they live
  • be familiar with major and representative works of literature in Spanish
  • apply your knowledge to various personal and professional frameworks of life-long activity

Over 250 million people speak Spanish, making it the third most widely spoken language in the world. Spanish is the language of vibrant cultures and sophisticated arts, growing business markets, and fundamental social transformations, both abroad and in the U.S. It is advantageous in a broad range of careers, including education, law, and health care. We offer a certificate program in Spanish/English translation and interpretation.

The program offers a varied and innovative curriculum through which students explore and engage with the vibrant language, cultures, and peoples of Latin America, Spain, and the U.S.. Our interdisciplinary structure allows our students to address topics of the new century, such as the impact of globalization on society and the environment, as well as the interplay of identity, immigration, religion, social justice, and health.

The program helps students develop valuable skills: critical reading, analytical writing, communication, and linguistic awareness. Courses are designed to help students develop critical insight into the philosophy and values of other cultures, function successfully in a second language, and create the opportunity to explore the rich experience of the Spanish-speaking world through its literature, film, and media. The program takes full advantage of the opportunities presented by Richmond’s growing Spanish-speaking community, including a certificate program in Spanish/English translation and interpretation.

Our faculty are fully engaged in our students’ education at all levels from the classroom to experiential learning to international study and service. We offer a full range of international experiences through study abroad programs in Guatemala, Mexico, and Spain, as well as through Virginia Commonwealth University’s membership in the International Student Exchange program. On the local and regional level, the program offers internships to its majors and minors.

The Setting

With two main campuses in the heart of Richmond, the state capital of Virginia, VCU is ideally located to provide a dynamic and diverse urban environment for studies. VCU is nationally ranked by the Carnegie Foundation as a top research university and enrolls nearly 30,000 students in 181 programs in the arts, sciences, and humanities within 15 schools and the core College of Humanities and Sciences.


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