Grade Review and Appeal

Common reasons why students dispute a change of grade given by the School of World Studies:

  • Attendance: though the attendance requirements may vary widely from one course to another, students must abide by the requirements spelled out on the course syllabus

  • Clerical error

  • Late submittal of work

  • Miscalculations: error in grade computation

  • Special accommodations: an ADA (American Disability Accommodation) letter was issued on behalf of the student and the accommodation was not made

  • Technical difficulties

If any of the above reasons apply to your case, the SWS Office recommends the following procedures:

  • Contact the teacher in writing via VCU-email or letter

  • If the instructor has not responded within two weeks, then you should contact the Program Coordinator via VCU-email or letter. (Program Coordinator’s e-mail address can be requested at the SWS Advising Office.)