SWS Override Policy

A large group of students stand inside a classroom.

All 100-level and 200-level classes are open on a first-come, first-registered basis. No overrides available.

Upper-level (300- and 400-level) classes: the School of World Studies has set the enrollment limits for each course at the highest appropriate level based on curricular, as well as university facility (space), constraints. No overrides are provided. If unable to register for a course due to it being full, students are highly encouraged to continuously check the VCU Schedule of Classes to watch for seats becoming available.


  • Do not email the professor of a specific course to ask for an override. All SWS professors uphold the override policy listed above, and cannot provide overrides.

  • University policy states that students are not eligible to attend any classes in which they are not officially registered. If the course is not listed on a student’s transcript or semester course schedule in e-Services, the student is not officially registered. A student may not be added to Blackboard unless officially registered for the class.


  • If you are graduating at the end of the current semester, and are having difficulty finding an open seat in a major course required for graduation, please contact SWS Advising as soon as possible.

  • The SWS Advising team will do their best to assist you in finding appropriate courses to complete the degree.

Prerequisite Issues:

If you meet the pre-requisites for a course, but are unable to register for the course in e-Services, please email SWSAdvising@vcu.edu  with the following information: your name; V-number; course number and selection; and the CRN.