World Languages


French Instructor Hilary Raymond (second from right) with SWS students

Welcome to World Languages at VCU!

“Through culturally enriched language curricula, the School of World Studies B.A. in Foreign Language methodically guides students to excel in proficient interpersonal and professional communication skills as well as analytical abilities. Students will develop knowledge and abilities in both the target language and cultural competency in creatively engaging with diverse international and multidisciplinary communities in the U.S. and abroad.”
The School of World Studies B.A. in Foreign Language Mission

The language curricula in the School of World Studies offers a rich array of courses in language skills, literature, and culture, allowing students to fully develop their skills in oral and written communication. Language majors learn about cultural and political history; read masterpieces of literature; view outstanding films of the last 100 years; gain insight into current social, political, and artistic developments in the target countries; and work with media such as television and contemporary music.

Language students at VCU learn both in and out of the classroom. Rich electronic resources supplement classroom instruction. Students have the opportunity to put their language skills to use through internships, in the community, or abroad. The School of World Studies and language clubs sponsor a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Rich electronic resources in the World Studies Media Center supplement classroom instruction, including a vast collection of foreign films, as well as interactive, self-paced software such as Rosetta Stone for enhancing language skills in 22 different languages.

Summer study abroad programs provide valuable opportunities to deepen language skills and cultural knowledge. Every year faculty from World Studies sponsor a large number of programs in a variety of countries. VCU language students also often study abroad for a semester or year.