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French Language Program of the School of World Studies

Welcome to the French Language Program of the School of World Studies!  France has a significant history in the Western World, with a richly developed tradition of literature and philosophy.  The Program seeks to offer to its students an extensive knowledge of French language, literature, and culture.  The Program also seeks to give its students an understanding of the technological media that can aid language acquisition and demonstrate a student’s abilities.  Our faculty wants all students to be prepared for continued study or careers in the French-speaking world.

Major in Foreign Language with a concentration in French

Minor in French

Studying French

The French program ensures that students become skilled in all areas of communication, that they are aware of the connections between language and culture, and that they have a solid knowledge of the civilizations and literatures of France and the Francophone world and its rich contributions to human culture. The program prepares students for careers in teaching, translation, international relations, and diplomacy, and aims to give majors and non-majors alike an education beneficial in the pursuit of any career.

The Curriculum

The French curriculum reflects the wide range of interests and expertise of its faculty. The program offers an array of courses in language, literature, and civilization. Students have the opportunity to take courses in literature and civilization from the medieval period to the 21st century, and courses in film studies, Francophone studies, the European Union, and popular culture. The program consistently seeks to enhance the student experience with pioneering initiatives such as LinguaFolio, which allows students to assess and demonstrate the language proficiency and cultural competence that they have achieved.

The Student Experience

The international makeup of the faculty in the French program allows students to study French through the prism of many different cultures. Students have many opportunities to study abroad and engage with the surrounding community. With small classes, students benefit from a faculty that is fully engaged in all aspects of the students’ education.

The VCU French Film Festival

Virginia Commonwealth University hosts the largest French Film Festival of its kind in the U.S., providing students the unique opportunity to view premieres of French films presented by French directors and actors.

The Setting

With two main campuses in the heart of Richmond, the state capital of Virginia, VCU is ideally located to provide a dynamic and diverse urban environment for studies. VCU is nationally ranked by the Carnegie Foundation as a top research university and enrolls nearly 30,000 students in 181 programs in the arts, sciences, and humanities within 15 schools and the core College of Humanities and Sciences.

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