International Studies


The International Studies program offers a varied interdisciplinary curriculum, global in scope and designed to increase students’ knowledge about the cultures and traditions, languages, literature and media, history, values, concerns, and aspirations of peoples in different countries and regions of the world. The interdisciplinary study of global issues provides students with the intellectual foundations and analytical skills necessary to prepare for a variety of careers as well as for lives of enlightened and responsible global citizenship.  The program ultimately aims to broaden students’ comparative intercultural perspectives and develop their cross-cultural communication abilities. Students also acquire at least a third-year college-level proficiency in a foreign language.



The B.A. in International Studies offers students the option to pursue a concentration with a focus on a specific region (Latin American Studies, European Studies) or on global themes and issues (General Studies, International Social Justice Studies, and World Cinema).   Within a chosen concentration, the interdisciplinary range of offerings allows for flexibility in configuring each individual’s course of study.  

Students can further expand their knowledge of world cultures by choosing a School of World Studies minor.   Like the International Studies B.A., a number of these minors build on the study of languages offered in the school, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

The program in International Studies prepares students for jobs and internships in development, non-profits, social services, business, government, consulting, mass communications, education, entertainment and more.