Religious Studies

Religious Studies - relstud_edwards

Religion and spirituality have always focused on the questions at the core of our identities as human beings: what is the meaning of life, and death? How should we treat one another? Are there transcendent forces that shape our destinies? Furthermore, as organized religions have done for centuries, still now in the 21st century, religions remain a potent nongovernmental actor in the world.

Religious studies is a far-reaching academic and interdisciplinary subject area. We utilize diverse methodologies to analyze religions, human spirituality and religious phenomena. Our courses, and the scholarship of our faculty, address issues in anthropology, the arts, politics, literature, history, philosophy, psychology, and sociology.

Religious studies majors will develop and engage both the analytic and creative sides of their personalities as they explore fundamental issues in our quest to understand what it means to be religious and what it means to be human.