Jose Florez

José L Flórez

Adjunct Instructor

Foreign Language



My approach to teaching has been considerably shaped through 24 years of experience as a teacher. That experience spans from elementary school all the way up to college in three different continents. I worked as a language assistant at the University of Derby and at a summer language camp teaching multinational students in England. I was employed for several other years in different schools and colleges in my native country, Colombia. While living in Virginia, now for 14 years, I have worked as a high school Spanish and ESL teacher. I have also worked at VCU as an adjunct for four years teaching Spanish, and sharing my culture.

I obtained my B.A. degree in foreign languages in Colombia, and my M.Ed. at VCU. I am a RAM at heart!

My teaching job coupled with my background allows me to see beyond the walls of the classroom in offering students a wider view of the world. It also offers me unique perspectives into our global world and diverse communities within our close community. Those perspectives guide to help shape students’ attitudes towards other cultures and better appreciate their own; what is known as cultural awareness is not a term to me, but rather something I live by on a daily basis;

I live in Richmond, VA with my wife and two children.