Class Cancellation/Instructor Absence - Procedure

It is our continuous goal to be a learning-centered unit that provides exceptional instructional and educational service to all SWS students. Unannounced class cancellations are particularly disruptive to students, and we are trying to eliminate unannounced cancellations as much as possible. In the event of an emergency situation in which a faculty member anticipates being unable to attend class and being unable to inform the students, SWS staff will assist in getting cancellation information to students in a timely fashion. In order for SWS staff to be effective in reaching students quickly and effectively, it will be helpful for faculty to observe the following procedure:

  • Notify the SWS advising office via email: CC. SWS Main Office, Assistant Director of Operations , and Associate Director
  • The email subject line should read: EMERGENCY CLASS CANCELLATION
  • In the body of email the faculty member should provide the class name and number, section, class room, and time.
  • Indicate whether attempts to notify students have already been made through other means, such as email or Blackboard.
  • Provide other pertinent information, such as assignments, that will be helpful to class members.
  • If e-mail access is not available to the instructor, she/he may call the SWS front office for assistance. (804) 827-1111
  • Front office staff receiving the call will immediately send an email to:, cc: Virginia Casanova
  • Faculty calling the main office should provide the same information as in the email procedure.
  • Advising staff will be responsible for placing a Emergency Class Cancellation notice in the classroom door.

Faculty members are responsible for meeting their classes regularly, as scheduled. If a situation arises in which faculty are unable to do so, they should discuss the situation with their program coordinators or with the Assistant Director of the School, Virginia Casanova. If faculty members miss class for medical reasons, please be reminded that faculty are responsible for reporting sick leave.