Incomplete Grades

When considering assigning a grade of Incomplete for a student, please keep these criteria in mind:

  • An Incomplete grade should be reserved for a student that has an extreme or emergency situation arise, not as a  solution for poor time management. The student should have shown regular attendance in the course and completed  about 90% of the total course work.

  • An Incomplete is appropriate when a student needs a small extension of time to complete a final exam, project, or  paper, or when missing only about 10% or less of the total assignments for the course. If a substantial portion of the  course work is missing, a more appropriate action would be for the student to withdraw from the course before the  Withdrawal deadline, or to receive an F for the course, with the option to retake it later under an Historical Repeat to  have the previous grade exempted from the GPA. An Incomplete in this type of situation would put an undue burden on  the student to complete excessive work during a subsequent semester.

If you choose to assign a grade of Incomplete to a student, please follow these procedures: 

  1. Look up the official VCU deadline for resolving an Incomplete Grade. This is always published on the VCU Academic Calendar. Incomplete grades must be resolved by the published deadline.
  2. Complete the Incomplete Grade Assignment Form and have the student sign it BEFORE submitting final grades for the course. You can download a copy of this form at .
  3. Make 2 copies of the signed form, one for the student and one for the Advising Office. You keep the original for your files. Submit a copy to the Advising Office BEFORE submitting final grades for the course.
  4. Once the student has submitted the finished work and a final grade has been calculated, complete and sign a Change of Grade form to the Advising Office. You may also want to keep a copy for your files. You can request a Change of Grade form from the front desk in Lafayette as well. You cannot find them online, nor can you submit them electronically.

Incomplete grades are considered the same as an F when it comes to pre for subsequent courses. In other words, if a student receives an I in a course, they will not be able to register for any courses having that course as a prerequisite.