Ursula Marfurt-Levy


Adjunct Instructor of French and German

Adjunct Instructor of French and German

Hermes Handelschule, Switzerland
BA, VCU, 1992 

Email - umarfurtlevy@vcu.edu
Fax - 804.828.0127

Office - Lafayette Hall, Room 304
            312 N. Shafer St. 
            Richmond, VA 23220

Languages are like doors to be opened. They provide insight into the value-systems, the thinking patters, traditions, etc. of their habitants, and most importantly, they enable us to communicate with them. Communication is what makes humans different from all the other creatures, since we can relate not only our needs, but also our thoughts, insights and dreams through words. - As one studies a language, we begin to realize that any particular language reveals the thought process of their natives. How interesting it is to find that many feelings are the same all over the world but are sometimes expressed differently! We might tell our friend, "I miss you so much!"....whereas the French says, "Tu me manques tellement!" (You are so much missed by me). Is their a reason? I hope you are puzzled and intrigued by such differences and eager to learn and explore. I am excited to be at VCU to facilitate the language learning process, and help you in your "French" journey. May it be an enriching one.