General Internship Listings

Three students sit at a desk working on assignments.
Diana Shayda Farajollahi, Interning at The Bridge, 2014

Internship placements are for one semester and students will be registered for the internship credits during the semester in which they are completing their internship.  Although a student may begin the internship early, all course requirements must be met within the internship semester.  Only students registered for an internship course will receive a grade and academic credit for their internship. 

Please Note:  The Internship is an academic course like any other.  The credits will appear on your transcript and will be added to your tuition cost.

The following agencies maintain an ongoing relationship with the School of World Studies and regularly recruit students to work with them.  However, students are not limited to the agencies listed here and are free to explore other options.  The internship coordinator can assist you in identifying appropriate locations given your particular academic and career interests, but you, the student, are ultimately responsible for securing an internship placement.  If you would like to work with a particular agency not listed, please attach a brochure or pamphlet from the organization (including their website) to your internship application for location approval.  Outside organizations must be related to the student’s major and, for Foreign Language majors, must require the use of the target language at least 50% of the time.

For Specialty and National/International Internship Opportunities, please see the links at the bottom of this page.

Anthropology Listings


Foreign Language Listings -- Opportunities are for Spanish unless otherwise indicated


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Specialty "SWS' Internship Listings

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