World Studies Internship Applications

An instructor sits at a desk looking over paperwork.

Below are links for all the forms and documents you will need for your internship:

Internship Instructions

The Internship Instructions will explain the step-by-step process for securing a World Studies internship. You can also access these instructions under Applying for an Internship.

Course Requirements

This is the detailed syllabus for a general internship. Please read this document carefully and keep it handy throughout the semester of your internship. It contains all the instructions needed for your internship coursework.

Internship Application and Agreement

Once you have secured an internship location, you and your supervisor will need to complete and sign these forms. You must submit both the signed Application and the Agreement to the World Studies Advising Office by the Semester Deadline to be considered for an internship.


The deadlines for each semester of the academic year. Updated each fall.

Log of Hours

The Log of Hours for tracking the hours worked for your internship. This must be signed weekly by your supervisor.

Intern Evaluation - Student Copy

For your information only! The official Intern Evaluation for the current semester will be sent directly to your supervisor.