Chandler Wilson

December 10, 2019

Chandler Wilson

If Chandler Wilson looks familiar, that’s because you might have seen their 2018 appearance on Lisa Ling’s “This is Life” or their viral 2015 YouTube video in which they came out as agender to their mom live on camera. Now pursuing two degrees through SWS, Wilson aspires to educate others about LGBTQIA issues through film and travel.

Wilson, who identifies under the nonbinary umbrella and uses they/them pronouns, grew up in North Carolina and moved to Virginia as a teen. After transferring to VCU from UNC Wilmington, they switched from majoring in film to pursuing two degrees through SWS: a B.A. in Spanish and a B.S. in Anthropology. 

While Wilson began studying Spanish at age 11, they were first introduced to Anthropology for the first time in a VCU classroom. Wilson’s greatest takeaway from their SWS coursework, especially in Anthropology, is recognizing “how we can celebrate [our differences]” and “boost and uplift [diverse] voices around us.” 

Wilsom aims to incorporate the cultural competency skills they’ve fostered at SWS in their professional path. In particular, they hope to educate others about LGBTQIA issues and history through an international, multicultural lens. Given Wilson’s extensive experience creating YouTube content, they are especially drawn to opportunities to educate through documentary TV channels like NatGeo and the Travel Channel. 

Wilson has been making YouTube videos since they were only 15. Unable to find relatable agender content creators, Wilson created their own channel. After posting their first really popular video, What Is Agender?”, Wilson quickly found a community by looking through the responses. 

Wilson already gained a quarter of a million subscribers before graduating high school, but now boasts 352,000 subscribers! As their platform grows, Wilson is careful to cultivate a positive community not only for themself, but also for their audience. They’ve kept up with their YouTube channel throughout college and are sometimes recognized on campus. 

Now a part of VCU Globe, Wilson hopes to travel to Greece with the program this coming spring. They are also hoping to also spend a semester abroad in a Spanish-speaking country before graduating in 2022.