Hanan DuVerney

April 2, 2019

Student Hanan DuVerney presents at the 2018 Student Research Conference.

Northern California native Hanan DuVerney graduates this summer and hopes to work for a political think tank before obtaining a J.D. in International Law and ultimately forming his own consulting firm. He entered college as an Anthropology major but quickly realized a degree in International Studies concentrating in European Affairs combined with a double minor in French and History more closely aligned with his academic goals. 

DuVerney was drawn to the School of World Studies due to his strong interest in geopolitical and sociological forces across culture and history. Throughout his studies, DuVerney has found using a comparative approach is essential to finding answers by being able to draw parallels and connections across different societies. DuVerney credits School of World Studies professors like Dr. Sydney Conrad with helping him finetune his research, critical thinking and writing skills.

He illustrated these intellectual skills through his presentation at the 2018 Student Research Conference, “German Southwest Africa: The Herero and Namaqua Genocide 1904-1908” (pictured above). He discussed not only the genocide itself but also how it later influenced the Nazi Holocaust. DuVerney is now working towards publishing his research due to his strong “need to tell this story.”