Congratulations to SWS faculty members Bernard Means, Tony Brinckwirth and Anita Nadal for being awarded GEO Quest Global Impact awards

March 2, 2015

Dr. Means’ project “Building a Virtual and Real Exhibit of India’s Past.” will formalize a partnership with Dr. Vinod Nautiyal of HNB Garhwal University, India, involving 3D scanning of artifacts recovered from excavations in the Trans-Himalayan region

Dr. Brinckwirth and Nadal’s project “Language and Cultural Competency Training for VCU Healthcare Students.” Proposes a virtual classroom program to meet the growing need for improved Spanish language proficiency and cultural competence in the healthcare professions. This proposed joint instructional venture between the School of Nursing and the School of World Studies will make virtual connections with healthcare students and workers here at VCU and in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.