Film Icon Thierry Lhermitte Headlines French Film Festival... Again!

March 20, 2019

Thierry Lhermitte has been a famous heart throb and comedic actor in France since the 1970s when he made his debut as part of the comedy troupe “Le Splendide.” Here in Virginia, Lhermitte is also a cultural ambassador who was the first actor to personally present a movie at the French Film Festival. He returns to Richmond this year as an honored guest for not only a screening but also a master class and homage.

Back in 1996, Lhermitte came to the French Film Festival to present Jean Poiret’s “Le Zèbre,” an offbeat romcom with bittersweet undertones. This year, Lhermitte will be presenting a very different yet also bittersweet comedy, “La Finale,” in which he plays a grandfather with dementia traveling with his grandson. Director Robin Sykes will also help introduce the movie.

Lhermitte will be further honored through a free master class and homage allowing local audiences to know him and his career better. Lhermitte will offer personal insights into his craft and life while a short by VCU and UR film students pays tribute to his acting career.

Widely celebrated for his good looks and talent, Lhermitte has proven himself to be a down-to-earth, humble man passionate about sharing his art, culture and privilege with others. In addition to his contributions to the French Film Festival, Lhermitte has also been involved with charity for over a decade.

For more information, please see the complete 2019 French Film Festival program.