French Film Festival Has Movies for All Majors

March 26, 2019

Film still from

While the French Film Festival is an obvious draw for students of French and cinema, it will be showing movies of interest to majors from all disciplines across campus.

STEM and Life Sciences majors will be captivated by films focused on the environment and ecology. “Et mon Coeur Transparent” is a thrilling murder mystery centered on environmental justice while “Bloom” is an abstract short set in a post-apocalyptic world. Although these two movies use drastically different formats and sensibilities, each deals with the relationship to the natural world.

Several films centered on healthcare and wellness take very different approaches to the subject matter but all are of interest to VCU Health students. “La Finale” is a touching comedy starring iconic French heart throb Thierry Lhermitte as a grandfather diagnosed with dementia. “Charly est Vivant” also uses humor to tackle the serious issue of living with cancer. On the other hand, “L’Ordre des Médecins” approaches the issue of healthcare and aging more seriously and dramatically; it centers on a doctor coping with the hospitalization of his own mother.

Numerous social justice issues run throughout many films and are relevant to various humanities majors. History, Political Science and International Studies students will be captivated by the documentary “Le Procès contre Mandela et les Autres“ which uses archival footage and interviews to present the story of those who fought against South Africa’s apartheid.

Several other films, set in the present and the past, are also of interest to history majors including  “Triptyche: Raconte” which is about the holocaust. Meanwhile “L’Echange des Princesses” is a historic drama set in the 1700s. Its opulent set and costume design make this film a must-see for fashion and art students as well.

Several movies also appeal to psychology and social work students for their discussion of emotional healing. “En Mille Morceaux” is a drama about restorative justice between a mother and her child’s killer. “Les Chatouilles” also deals with trauma and healing through a story about using art/dance therapy to cope with child abuse.

With over twenty films and eight master classes, the French Film Festival has too many offerings to describe them all in one article! Regardless of your major or passions, there is a movie suited to your interests. For more information, please see the official French Film Festival website and program.