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Blogging Archaeology' and the Virtual Curation Lab

Check out the book “Blogging Archaeology” for Dr. Bernard Means’ chapter titled ‘Virtual Curation and Virtual Collaboration’ regarding blogging and the Virtual Curation lab (VLC).

VCU Alumnus Mentioned in New York Times Article
SWS alumnus Evrim Dogu (Religious Studies) mentioned in New York Times article “Against the Grain” about local bakeries.

VCL featured in the Archeological Society of Virginia Quarterly Bulletin
Nice blog post from Dr. Elizabeth Moore of the Virginia Museum of Natural History about a special issue of the Archeological Society of Virginia Quarterly Bulletin featuring the Virtual Curation Laboratory. 

New 3D Replicas at the VCL
Digital Curation Specialist Lauren Volkers has finished editing and printing 3D replicas of an arrow point recovered archaeologically by Jamestown Rediscovery. To see the animation and more, please visit The Virtual Curation Museum page

Dr. Bernard Means and VCU Alumna Lauren Volkers interview at the NPR
Check out Dr. Bernard K. Means and VCU Alumna Lauren Volkers interview at the NPR about The Virtual Curation Laboratory unique chess pieces they have been working on. You can listen to the interview here.

Dr. Andrew Chesnut Quoted on Wall Street Journal and Jornal do Brasil 
Dr. Andrew Chesnut was quoted in "Attitudes On Sex In Brazil Tested", in the Wall Street Journal and in 'Wall Street': polêmicas sobre violência contra a mulher são testadas no Brasil" in Jornal do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro).

'New Austrian Film' is Back by Popular Demand

The volume on "New Austrian Film" that Dr. Oliver C. Speck, Assistant Professor of German and European Cinema, co-edited is now out in paperback, due to popular demand.

Chess From the Past: VCL's Creative Chess Sets
Over the past month, the Virtual Curation lab has been scanning and printing 3-D-printed replicas of historical artifacts to create a chess sets as featured in this article

VCL working to replicate space shuttle parts 
Dr. Bernard K. Means and VCU Alumna Lauren Volkers, from The Virtual Curation Laboratory, were contacted by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to replicate space shuttle parts from the Space Shuttle Discovery. They were able to 3D scan the brackets and are working to provide the California Science Foundation with accurate replicas.


March 2014

The 22nd French Film Festival 
The 22nd annual French Film Festival - the largest French film festival outside of France, according to Peter Kirkpatrick, co-director of the festival and associate professor of French and Film Studies at VCU - was held from March 27 to March 30. The festival screened 17 feature films and 14 short films at the Byrd Theatre, in Richmond. 

Dr. Jack Spiro Delivers the 29th Annual Brown-Lyons Lecture
Jack D. Spiro, D.H.L., Ed.D, the Harry Lyons Distinguished Chair of Judaic Culture at Virginia Commonwealth University and director of VCU's Center for Judaic Studies, delivered the 29th annual Brown-Lyons Lecture on March 27. Spiro, a professor in VCU's School of World Studies in the College of Humanities and Sciences presented “Shall Not the Judge of All the Earth Do Justly? (Genesis 18:23)".

The VCL Received the Visit of Dr. Elizabeth Moore
The Virtual Curation Laboratory was very fortunate to have Dr. Elizabeth Moore of the Virginia Museum of Natural History (VMNH) as a visitor on Wednesday (March 19) and Friday (March 21). Dr. Moore is the Curator of Archaeology for VMNH. To learn more about her visit check the Virtual Curation Laboratory blog.


January 2014

Dr. Bernard Means to Receive Grant for the Summer
Dr. Bernard Means has been awarded a Research Grant for the summer 2014 from the Humanities Research Center at Virginia Commonwealth University.


December 2013

Dr. Chesnut New Post on Santa Muerte
Dr. Andrew Chesnut new post on HuffPost "Santa Muerte: la santa que no discrimina" (in Spanish). 

Dr. Andrew Chesnut Quoted on AP 
Dr. Andrew Chesnut was quoted in "In diverse US, Santa Claus has many faces, races", originally posted by the Associated Press.

Dr. Espinoza's New Book
Dr. Antonio Espinoza's new book "Education and the State in Modern Peru: Primary Schooling in Lima, 1821 - c. 1921 (Historical Studies in Education)" is now out. 


November 2013

Dr. Chesnut's New Book
Dr. Andrew Chesnut new book "Santa Muerte. Segadora segura" (Spanish Edition) is now out in the U.S. 

Dr. Chesnut New Post on the Pope
Dr. Andrew Chesnut new post on HuffPost "Pope of Paradox," co-authored with his father. 

Dr. Chesnut's Interview on Mexican National TV
Dr. Andrew Chesnut interview on national TV in Mexico (in Spanish). Click here to see the video.

Dr. Chesnut's New Book
Dr. Andrew Chesnut new book "Santa Muerte: La Segadora Segura", which just came out in Mexico, the US, Central America and the Caribbean was featured in "ORÍGENES Y PODERES DE LA "NIÑA BLANCA" ( Origins and Powers of the White Girl (Santa Muerte)), in el Mercurio de Veracruz (Mexico). 


October 2013

Dr. Chesnut on NBC 12
Dr. Andrew Chesnut comments on NBC 12's "SPECIAL REPORT: Virginia exorcisms".

Dr. Andrew Chesnut Quoted on AP 
Dr. Andrew Chesnut was quoted in "Long a fixture in Mexico’s Day of Dead fiestas, elegant ‘Skeleton Lady’ spreads her allure." 

Dr. Chesnut New Post on Christianity
Dr. Andrew Chesnut new post on HuffPost "Is There a Global War on Christians?"

Dr. Chesnut New Post on Santa Muerte
Dr. Andrew Chesnut new post on HuffPost, including slideshow with pictures by Fabiola Chesnut, "Mexico's Trinity of Death: Santa Muerte, Day of the Dead and Calavera Catrina."


September 2013

Dr. Andrew Chesnut new radio interview "The Cult of Santa Muerte" on Interfaith Voices. Click here to listen to the broadcast.

Dr. Andrew Chesnut new post on HuffPost "Pope Francis, the Charismatic Liberationist".


August 2013

This summer, Edward Abse was working in Mexico on a new research project in medical anthropology that is multi-sited (binational) and involves the study of how the Mixtecs, an indigenous (Native American) Mexican people. 

Students got their hands dirty and learned about excavation as part of VCU’s field school; the five-week journey of 10 students from VCU at George Washington’s Boyhood Home at Ferry Farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Dr. Bernard K. Means of VCU was their instructor. Click here to see pictures from this project.


June 2013

Bernard Means launches a new blog for the 2013 VCU archeology field school at Ferry Farm, which as time goes on will include student contributions. 

Ashley McCuistion, VCU undergraduate and field school supervisor at Ferry Farm, has written a short article about her experience in field school last year that appeared in The SAA Archaeological Record.


May 2013

2013 French Honor Society Awards Ceremony

2013 Sigma Delta Pi Induction Ceremony


March 2013

Anita Nadal writes essay for Harvard Journal of Law & Gender

Anita Nadal awarded internal VCU grant for Verde Project Efficient use of energy resources in Europe and the benefit of alternative energy sources in Immigrant communities.”


January 2013

Professors Christopher Brooks and Patricia Cummins, accompanied by a delegation including Márcia Fontes, Brahima Kone, and Robin Poulton, visit the cities of Bamako and Segou in Mali. Click here to view their webpage.

headshot of professor Oliver Speck

Dr. Oliver C. Speck
Assistant Professor of German and European Cinema

closeup of a chess set

Chess set made with replica of historical artifacts Digital Curation Lab

>a woman in front of an airplane

Digital Curation Specialist Lauren Volkers with the Space Shuttle Discovery

professor Bernard Means in front of a sketch

Dr. Bernard Means SWS Term Instructor of Anthropology

a large group of interns stands on and off stage in a classic theater

Delegation and Interns at the FFF 2013

Elizabeth Moore shows off an artifact to two students

Dr. Moore, Carson Collier and Lauren Volkers Digital Curation Lab

professor Antonio Espinoza in a park

Dr. G. Antonio Espinoza Assistant Professor of History

professor Andrew Chestnut speaks at a podium

Dr. Andrew Chestnut during a lecture at VCU March 2013

professor Chesnut wearing a Santa Muerte shirt with a Santa Muerte candle in the foreground

Dr. Andrew Chestnut holding his new book "Santa Muerte: La Segadora Segura"

two students in a cap and gown

2013 VCU Graduates

a full lecture hall looks at a screen

Lecture by Dr. Andrew Chestnut

five students stand in a tropical park

Students during study Abroad

a student using Rosetta Stone software

Portuguese student practicing Rosetta Stone