Religious Studies Professor Esther Nelson Featured in Kuwaiti Newspaper!

March 29, 2019

Scholar Nasr Abu Zayd with VCU professor Esther Nelson

It has been nearly a decade since Egyptian author and Qur’anic scholar Nasr Abu Zayd passed away but his intellectual legacy continues to influence VCU Religious Studies professor Esther Nelson. The two became close in the early 2000s when Nelson was living in Saudi Arabia and they collaborated on the book “Voice of an Exile: Reflections on Islam” in 2004. Earlier this month, Kuwaiti news outlet Subahiya News interviewed Nelson about her recollections and reflections on Zayd.

The lengthy interview delves into Nelson’s friendship with Abu Zayd and her analysis of his writings. Nelson saw many similarities in Abu Zayd's approach to Islam with how she learned to see the possible approaches to Christianity, the religion is which she was raised. She still “still feels strongly that Nasr’s ideas regarding the Qur’an are universal, applicable to all sacred texts and have the ability to reach a global audience.”

For more information, please see the full interview between Nelson and Subahiya News.