2018 Student Research Conference Program

Rising senior Sidra

Thursday, November 8 

Concurrent Sessions: 9:30 - 10:45

Virginia A: Early French Literature and Contemporary Applications I

Moderated by Patricia Cummins

Jacob Walker: Medieval Inspiration for “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”

Drashty Mody: The Medieval Legend of Tristan and Iseult & Modern Literature

Sheena Zeng: Sexuality, Identity, and Women’s Roles in Medieval Literature

Holly Kievit: Christine de Pisan: The Fight for Equal Rights in Medieval France


Virginia B: No panel scheduled for this time


Virginia C: Early French Literature and Contemporary Applications II

Moderated by: Robin Poulton

Addy Gravatte: Courtly Love and Erotic Love in Beguine Texts  

Prosper Kamgang: Salic Law and the Role of Women in “Lanval” of Marie de France  

Camille Zendzian:  Renaissance French Poetry’s Relevance Today


Virginia D: Russian Culture and Politics in the 20th Century and Beyond

Moderated by: Gina Kovarsky

Ian McAlister: Russian Avant-Garde Art

Alexander Lamont: The Poetry of Anna Akhmatova

Angelica Tsvetkov: Vladimir Vysotsky and Russian Bard Poetry

Marina Pugh:  Economic Conditions in Contemporary Russia



Concurrent Sessions: 11:00 - 12:15

Virginia A: Early French Literature and Contemporary Applications III

Moderated by Patricia Cummins

Yasmine Ayouby: The Role of Women during Sundiata and Modern Mali

Lucia Roach: Treatment of Women in Medieval Arthurian Literature and 21st Century Media

Joy Joyner: From Soundiata to Disney's "The Lion King"- Inspired by a True Story


Virginia B: Race, Class, and Social Justice in Richmond, Virginia

Moderated by Faedah Totah

Yelyzaveta Shevchenko: Politicization of Children's Voices during Richmond School     

 Integration, 1970-71

Raphael Debrainer: Exploring Socio-economic Change of Jackson Ward in the 20th and 21st Century

Siona Peterous: Transition on Broad Street


Virginia C: Human Rights & Disabilities

Moderated by Oliver Speck

Erin Matthews: Disabilities in Refugee Camps

Peyton Carter: Marketing Disability: An Anthropological Study of Marketing and Development at a Richmond Non-Profit Organization


Virginia D: The Socioeconomics and Politics of Global Migration

Moderated by Mayda Topoushian

Lawrence Jones, III: Causes of Inequality and Poverty in Bolivia and Haiti

Angelica Martinez: Puerto Rico: Our U.S. Colony of 2nd Class Citizens

Tessa Fullmer: The Maya Diaspora: Recognizing the Roots of Guatemala


Concurrent Sessions: 12:30 - 1:45

Virginia A and B: Intermediate French Readings

Moderated by Kathryn Judy-Murphy

Presentations by Various Students in FREN 202: Intermediate French Readings


Virginia C: Anthropology Senior Capstone

Moderated by Bernard K. Means

Presentations by Various Students in ANTH 490: Anthropology Senior Capstone


Virginia D: Globalization, Inequality, and Human Rights

Moderated by Cinzia Corubolo

Raven Witherspoon: Origins of Immigrant Adoption: 19th and 20th century Orphan Trains

Camilla Harris: Pipeline to Ethnic Cleansing: A Study of the Shwe Pipeline and the Rohingya Crisis

Theresa Dinh:  Counter-trafficking Strategies Used in Ho Chi Minh City


Concurrent Sessions: 2:00 - 3:15

Virginia A: French Media I

Moderated by Kathryn Judy-Murphy, Ph.D.

Presentations by Various Students in FREN 425: French Media


Virginia B: French Media II

Moderated by Cinzia Corubolo

Presentations by Various Students in FREN 425: French Media


Virginia C: Environmental Justice

Moderated by Jessica Lonnes

Luke Campopiano: Is the Arctic a wilderness?: Critiquing Western conceptions of nature in

 contemporary Arctic rhetoric

Allison Heineman: Capitalism and Environmental Injustice


Virginia D: Boren Scholarship and Other Opportunities

Moderated by Jeff Wing

Concurrent Sessions: 3:30 - 4:45

Virginia A: Comparative International Health and Wellbeing

Moderated by Angelina Overvold

Ruth-Ann Acors: The Treatment of Schizophrenia: What can Western medicine learn from the Developing World?


Virginia B: No panel scheduled for this time


Virginia C Gender, Sexuality, and Pop Culture

Moderator To Be Determined

Addy Gravatte 

Annalise Mangone: Let's Start With A Scarf: A Study of the Univ. of Richmond Knitting Club


Virginia D: Race and Gentrification in Richmond, Virginia

Moderated by Faedah Totah

Autumn Green: Gentrification in Church Hill: The New Wave of Middle-Class and Racial Divide

Ashleigh Hatcher: Grace Street Through the Years



5:30 p.m. Commonwealth Ballroom 




Friday, November 9 

Concurrent Sessions: 10:00 - 10:50

Virginia A: Zen Buddhism

Moderated by Cliff Edwards

Presentations by Various Students in RELS 412. Zen Buddhism


Virginia B: Linguistics

Moderated by Indira Sultanic

Allison Keith: The Role of Metalinguistic Skill and Cross Linguistic Transfer in Third Language

 Acquisition of Unrelated Languages


Virginia C: Global Politics

Moderator to be Determined

Theresa Dinh: The United States, Vietnam and Strategy in the South China Sea

Aaron Higgins: History and Crisis: The Legacy of Oswald Spengler

Neha Pondicherry: Modern Day Colonialism?: Catalans in Spain


Concurrent Sessions: 11:00 - 11:50

Virginia A: Experiential Learning Workshop

Moderated by Jon Waybright and Bernard Means

Information focused on Internships and Career Goals


Virginia D: Discrimination, Race, and Social Justice

Moderated by Sydney Conrad

Hanan DuVerney:  German Southwest Africa: The Herero & Namaqua Genocide 1904-1908

Georgia Geen: The Historical Roots of Dominican Anti-Haitianism

Anna Yalcinoglu: Discrimination Against Ethiopian Jews in Israel


Concurrent Sessions: 12:00 - 12:50

Virginia A: Study Abroad Scholarships

Moderated by Jeff Wing


Virginia B: The Politics of Global Media and the Arts

Moderated by Mayda Topoushian

Nia White: Modern Social Justice Movements and the Media

August Weathers: Comparative Visual Arts in the Mediterranean

Nicole Peeples: La Malinche: Should she be hated or should she be respected?


Virginia C: Health in Global Perspective I

Moderator To Be Determined

Paul Dumitrescu

Christina McGrath: African Elephant Habitat Preferences in the Tarangire-Manyara


Sidra Sharieff:  "Mental Health within the Muslim Community"









Special Session: 2:00

Virginia D: French Studies

Moderated by Pat Cummins

Keya Meshesha: Epicureanism and modern times

Katie Christopher Ronsard from a Modern Perspective

Taylor Mauceri La Chanson de Roland: How an Epic Poem Inspired the Movie