SWS Professor Isabelle Richman Receives Accessibility Award

October 15, 2018

Religious Studies professor Isabelle Richman receives an award.

Part of VCU’s current master plan includes the Transforming Accessibility Initiative with the overall goal of making disability a valued and included aspect of diversity on campus. The initiative's inaugural event last week, “Entrepreneurship, ‘Way-Finding’ and the Value of Difference,” celebrated faculty, staff and students who have contributed significantly to this goal.

Assistant professor of Religious Studies, Isabelle Richman, Ph.D., J.D., received the faculty award for student support due to her work as adviser to the Association for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions, a newly founded student group with about 40 members.

The group aims to undo the marginalization of individuals with disabilities, both visible and “invisible,” by raising awareness, student advocacy and community building on campus and throughout Richmond.