Eugenia Muñoz, PhD


Associate Professor of Spanish

Associate Professor of Spanish

PhD, University of Virginia 
MA, Syracuse University 
BA, Universidad del Valle, Colombia

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Curriculum Vitae

Eugenia Muñoz, was born in Colombia. She received her Bachelor's degree in Literature from the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia, and was a professor at the Universidad del Cauca, Popayán, Colombia. She has a Ph. D in Spanish American Literature from the University of Virginia. She is an Associate Professor of Spanish in the School of World Studies at Virginia Commonwealth She was the Coordinator of the Spanish Program for five years and has been the Director of the Study Abroad Program at Cuernavaca, Mexico since 2001.

Among her literary criticism publications are: the book Novelización y Parodia en obras de Gabriel García Márquez, Rafael Humberto Moreno Durán, Fanny Buitrago y Jorge Eliécer Pardo ( Editorial Pijao, Bogotá). She has also written numerous articles, published in journals in diverse countries, on Spanish American authors.

As poet she has published these books: Voces y Razones, (Editorial Pijao, Bogotá), Ser de mujer, (Ediciones Torremozas, Madrid) , Vida ennegrecida, (Editorial. Betania, Madrid), La vida en poemas, (CD, Nomega Studios, Richmond, Va U.S.A.), and De Inmigraciones y Reflexiones, in the prestigeous Spanish American publisher, La Oveja Negra, Bogotá.

Eugenia Muñoz has also published poems in anthologies in the United States, Spain, Argentina and Perú as well as many websites. Her poem “Una madre sin su hija” is part of the play Mujeres de arena by Mexican playwright Humberto Robles ( Search in google Eugenia Muñoz y Mujeres de arena). The poem along with the play has been presented since 2004 without interruption, in cities of Mexico, U.S., Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Australia, Italy, England, with translation into Italian, English, German, French and Catalan. Click here for more information. 

Eugenia Muñoz’s poetry is deeply rooted in life and it expresses emotions, joys, tenderness, suffering and injustices. It is a poetry of testimony, protest, and feelings that speaks of real events and about human and universal situations. That is why when she writes, she always has in mind that her voice speaks to human beings, so that anyone can relate to her poetic writing.

Colombian writer Jorge Eliécer Pardo says about Eugenia Muñoz’ poetry that “those who read her poems will be able to find individual scenes that become universal not only for their likeness but for the idiomatic energy of each word that recreates life and organizes the puzzle of images which will appear as the totality of a special voice in the Colombian poetry”. The literary critic Donald L. Shaw says that “this poet's poetry, as with some of the poetry of Cisneros in Perú or Pacheco in México, is primarily concerned with the direct communication of the experiences lived. In this manner it is resembles the poetic sensibility of Alfonsina Storni in Argentina and Gabriela Mistral in Chile, although Eugenia Muñoz uses a more modern technique.”

Pearson published in 2012 her textbook: Lectura de textos. Interpretación y análisis. Narrativa, poesía, drama y ensayo. Siglo XX. The method presented in the book won the 2012 BEST OF FLAVA (Foreign Language Teachers of Virginia), and the book received the Second place in the 2013 International Latino Book Awards in the category of Best Educational Book.