Rita Paolino


Adjunct Instructor of International Studies & Italian

Adjunct Instructor of International Studies and Italian

MA in International Relations, Ohio University, 2007
MA in Piano Performance, Conservatory of Music, Campobasso, Italy, 1994
BA in Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Cassino, Italy, 1997

Email -  rpaolino@vcu.edu
Fax - 804.827.3479

Office - Lafayette Hall Room 308
312 N. Shafer St. 
Richmond, VA 23284

Rita is a native Italian who has been working as an instructor of International Studies and Italian language at VCU since January 2014. She holds two masters degrees: one in international relations from Ohio University and one in music from the music conservatory of Campobasso, Italy. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Cassino, Italy. Rita’s main areas of interest and research include: international studies, intercultural communication and international education. She is a proud mother of two young boys, Antonio and Christopher, and has a genuine passion for her students. She has had several study and work experiences in Italy, Spain, England, Hungary, and the US.