Natalia Boykova

Natalia Boykova

Teaching Associate Professor

Foreign Language Coordinator

(804) 827-3414

Foreign Language


Boykova is a native of Russia, Moscow where she graduated from the Moscow Linguistic University with the degree in Russian and foreign language pedagogy. She taught the Russian language in Moscow and Charleston, S.C. Boykova has been at VCU School of World Studies since 2006 and teaches all levels of Russian.

Boykova developed the curriculum for a service learning course, and a new course INTL/WRLD 203: Window onto Russia. This course explores Russian geography, history, literature, culture and society. Her academic interests include Russian as a second language, methodology of teaching, psychology, intercultural communication and USA-Russia relations.

When Boykova walks into the classroom each day, she wants her students to know that they can succeed in learning the Russian language.