Welcome to the School of World Studies!

Welcome to the School of World Studies. We are excited to have you join our energetic and empowering intellectual community of faculty and students and contribute to our project of exploring the depth and breadth of the human experience and promoting understanding and collaboration to address the challenges we face as world citizens.

Our internationally experienced and recognized faculty conduct research and teach courses on the evolution and globalization of human beings, the diversity of world languages, religions, literature, film, media, and social practices and the relationship between these forms of creative human expression and ongoing efforts to build an inclusive, generous, and sustainable society. We emphasize experiential learning and community engagement through lab and field research, internships, research assistantships and study abroad programs around the world. We prepare you to think with depth and concern, communicate and collaborate across cultures, approach the world with an open and agile mind, and make the most of professional opportunities.

We offer complementary degrees in Anthropology, Foreign Languages, International Studies and Religious Studies. Whichever degree or degrees you earn, you will graduate from the School of World Studies with a deeper understanding of human diversity and appreciation for our common humanity, a meaningful sense of global community and the knowledge, experience, and skills to live well and contribute to making the world better. In short, you will be able to make a world of difference.

Learn more today by making an appointment with our superb academic advising team. They are dedicated to your success and provide support tailored to your individual educational and vocational aspirations.  Email us at  swsadvising@vcu.edu to find out more about how our School can help you to live your values and achieve your goals.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the School of World Studies is to generate knowledge about the diversity and unity of the human experience and educate students to live thoughtfully as citizens of the world. We affirm the principle that whatever career we choose, we best fulfill our full potential when we are informed by a concern for and involved in promoting the wellbeing of others. We are guided by a vision of a world that is safe, inclusive, healthy, generous, and empowers everyone to live well. We invite you to learn more about our programs and to join us in the shared work of making this vision a reality.