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Welcome to the School of World Studies!

We are excited to have you join our community of faculty and students and contribute to our project of exploring the depth and breadth of the human experience and promoting understanding and collaboration to address the challenges we face as global citizens.

We offer majors in AnthropologyForeign Languages, International Studies and Religious Studies, minors in languages, religion, cultures, and regions, and a range of experiential learning opportunities to empower you to gain a deeper understanding of humanity, a meaningful sense of belonging, and the knowledge and skills to succeed in all aspects of life and contribute to a world that is safe, inclusive, healthy, and generous for all. See what our students and alumni are doing to make this vision of the world real.

Learn more today by making an appointment with our superb academic advising team. They are dedicated to your success and provide support tailored to your educational and vocational aspirations. Email us at to find out more about how World Studies can help you to achieve your goals and make a world of difference.