At VCU's School of World Studies, we offer courses that assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of humanity as well as a meaningful sense of belonging. Outgoing students leave with knowledge and skills that help them contribute to a world that is safe, inclusive, healthy and generous for all.


Coursework in anthropology helps students reach a global awareness and appreciation of the full range of human biological and cultural diversity across time and space, as well as the underlying similarities derived from humans’ common evolutionary origins.

Foreign Language

Learning a language is rewarding because it increases mental acuity, global cultural competence, and enhances opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration. VCU's School of World Studies offers courses in seven languages.

Foreign Literature in English Translation

Students do not need prior foreign language knowledge to enroll in foreign literature in English translation classes. Courses cover topics such as early and modern German literature, as well as works from writers of other descent.

International Studies

International studies courses are designed to increase students’ knowledge about the cultures and traditions, languages, literature and media, history, values, concerns and aspirations of peoples in different countries and regions of the world.

Religious Studies

Students in religious studies courses explore the artistic, ethical, literary, psychological and social dimensions of religions, as well as the relationship between religious ideas, institutions, and practices and matters of gender, sexuality, race, nationality, health, social justice, human rights and nature.

Spanish-English Translation Interpretation

SETI courses prepare advanced Spanish students for further study, national certification exams, and/or future employment in translation and interpretation.

World Studies

World studies coursework explores the diversity of the human experience and prepares students to contribute to a healthy, equitable and sustainable world.