B.A. in Religious Studies

Religious studies is a far-reaching interdisciplinary subject utilizing diverse methodologies to analyze world religions, human spirituality and religious phenomena.

We explore the artistic, ethical, historical, psychological and social dimensions of religions, as well as the influence of religions on sexuality, gender, race, health, ecology, public policy and social justice. Religious studies majors develop strong analytic, communication and creative skills useful in an increasingly globalized economy where more and more people with different beliefs are coming together.

Catholic and Judaic Studies

Our curriculum offers coursework in all the major global religions as well as newer spiritual practices. Through our endowed chairs we also offer a special focus on Catholic studies and Judaic studies with courses as part of our B.A. in religious studies. The courses taught by our endowed chairs shed light on two of the world’s oldest religions.

Catholic Studies

Catholic studies at VCU explores the world’s oldest and largest expression of Christianity from a perspective that is global, interdisciplinary and comparative. Coursework includes discussions of Catholicism as it relates to social justice, Latin America, history and more. 

Judaic Studies

Judaic studies at VCU encourages understanding of the Judaic component of religious and philosophical thought, history and the arts in Western civilization. Coursework focuses on Jewish history and culture, Judaism and the Hebrew language.

Studies of Religion and the Arts

Through the generosity of donors, the School of World Studies offers the university and broader community the Powell-Edwards Lecture Series for Religion and the Arts, which fosters serious inquiry into the relation of the world's diverse religions and spiritualities to the arts. The lectures are free and open to the public.

Visit the Powell-Edwards Lecture Series for Religion and the Arts page for more details.

lloyd fox

Meet an Alum

Prior to his first class at VCU, 1987 alum Lloyd Fox had never been in a desegregated school environment. In order to pursue an advanced degree in theology, he first completed an undergraduate degree in religious studies.

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