Internships provide valuable work experience and skills as well as exposure to diverse cultures, people and perspectives while you simultaneously earn college credit. They also offer an opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom to the workplace, and prepare you for career and graduate school goals.

Typically, internships last for one semester, during which you earn college credit. You must be registered for an internship course to earn credit and a grade. The internship will appear on your transcript and is added to your tuition costs.

Program-Specific Internships

Although you are welcome to research internship opportunities on your own, the following organizations' internships — listed by major — have proven popular among previous School of World Studies students.

Specialty Internships

Our speciality internships have specific eligibility, course or credit requirements. Each requires completion of the relevant specialty internship form. Please email the contact listed in the details below for the speciality internship you’re interested in for more information.

French Film Festival

For more than 25 years, Richmond's French Film Festival has earned acclaim in the U.S. and France for introducing more than 800 French and francophone films to American audiences. This opportunity involves the preparation and execution of the annual festival.

Contact: Peter Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.,

Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation

The three-credit internship fulfills the capstone requirement for the Spanish-English translation and interpretation (SETI) certificate program. Eligibility for the internship requires registration in the SETI program, completion of its course prerequisites and timely submission of the internship application [Google Form].

Contact: (804) 827-1111

Virtual Curation Laboratory

In the Virtual Curation Laboratory, 3D scanners create digital models of archaeological objects resulting in plastic replicas made by 3D printers. Interns assist by scanning artifacts then printing and painting the replicas so they can be used in teaching, public outreach and museum displays. Interns also present their original research at professional conferences. This internship is not exclusive to anthropology majors and may be pursued by students in other departments.

Contact: Bernard Means, Ph.D.,

National and International Internships

The following internships have not been endorsed by VCU nor the School of World Studies. You are strongly advised to research these opportunities before participating.


Please direct all internship-related questions to the appropriate School of World Studies contact, listed by program:


Bernard Means, Ph.D.

Bernard Means

Foreign Language

Aspen Brinton, Ph.D.

Aspen Brinton

International Studies

Mayda Topoushian, Ph.D.

Mayda Topoushian

Religious Studies

Jon Waybright

Jonathan Waybright