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Center for the Study of Global Religions and Spiritualities

The research and faculty in this center focus on the academic and transdisciplinary exploration of religion, spirituality, culture, history, and identity.

The center includes faculty from across VCU and seeks to engage with students and community to promote dialogue, research, and community engagement.

The center and its programming will:

  • Organize public lectures throughout  the academic year around the shared focus of the four endowed chairs in CHS
  • Explore outwardly facing, community-based education around religion, religion studies, and spirituality
  • Provide opportunities for student engagement, public education, and heightened awareness around the issues of religious tolerance, inclusivity in religious practice, religious history, global religions, and the exploration of spiritualities in multiple forms
  • Facilitate micro-credentialing in diverse areas of global religious studies
  • Host multi-faith research, presentations, and community events
  • Strategically plan curriculum in religious studies and adjacent fields