World ePass

The School of World Studies is committed to students learning both inside and outside the classroom. To encourage and also accentuate student experiential learning, we require students in each of the school's majors to complete a World ePass portfolio.

The World ePass intends to show each student’s breadth of experience and skills gleaned beyond the core curriculum, including:

  • Cultural competencies
  • Experiential learning
  • Student research
  • Conference presentations
  • International engagement
  • Multicultural campus activities
  • Foreign language acquisition
  • Academic achievements

Students work with VCU Career Services, faculty mentors and the World ePass liaison to ensure their portfolio is customized to best reflect experiences and goals. Required elements include: a resume (vetted through Career Services), a personal statement, academic writing samples and highlights of experiences such as internships, community service and study abroad. Students can also add personal talents, skills and interests to holistically represent their individuality and capabilities.

Each World ePass portfolio should be publicly available as a personalized website that showcases a student's time at VCU. It can be shared with potential employers and is useful as a tool for students to synthesize and articulate their undergraduate career in professional interviews and while networking.