The School of World Studies offers four undergraduate programs in anthropology, foreign language, international studies and religious studies. 

B.S. in Anthropology

The B.S. in anthropology champions a holistic and comparative approach to the study of humanity in the broadest sense. Anthropology students will learn about its four subdisciplines: sociocultural anthropology, the study of contemporary societies; archaeology, the study of material remains related to human behavior; anthropological linguistics, the study of language in its social context as it relates to structuring thought and perception; and biological anthropology, the study of human biological origins.

B.A. in Foreign Language

The B.A. in foreign language allows students to focus on concentrations in French, German, Spanish or dual languages, including the option to combine their major with other disciplines as they work with advisers to plan for their future careers.

B.A. in International Studies

The B.A. in international studies helps students understand, diversify, connect and respect different cultures from around the world. Students can choose from concentrations in European studies, general studies, international social justice studies, Latin America studies and world cinema.

B.A. in Religious Studies

The religious studies curriculum focuses on major global traditions as well as newly emerging spiritualities and belief systems. The Catholic studies and Judaic studies curricula are especially robust and shed light on two of the world’s oldest religions.