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Complementary Majors and Minors

Most majors in the School of World Studies leave plenty of room for students to complete another course of study. Strategic combinations of degree programs and other coursework with School of World Studies majors can prepare students for degrees and further studies after graduation.

Double Majors/Dual Degree

It is possible for School of World Studies majors to complete two full courses of study, although not all majors have requirements that are easily compatible with our school's majors or allow for a path to graduation in only 120 credits.

There are two ways students may double their education this way at VCU:

  1. A double major means that a student concurrently fulfills requirements for two different major courses of study, earning one undergraduate degree with two majors (with a primary major which appears on the diploma and transcript).
  2. A dual degree means the student concurrently fulfills requirements for two full degrees – both majors, the university core (once only), and an extra 30 credits above the usual graduation requirement of 120 credits.

Basic information on double majors and dual degrees, as well as information on any VCU major you wish to explore may be found in the VCU Bulletin. We also encourage you to consider double majoring in two World Studies bachelor degree options

Do you want to be a lawyer, doctor, dentist or pursue another medical profession? A great way to better prepare for your career and to set yourself apart from other applicants is to add a World Studies major like foreign language or religious studies to your pre-health or pre-law track.

Programmatic Minors

In most cases, a minor in an area of study comprises 18 credit hours. World Studies majors frequently undertake minors offered by other academic departments at VCU, in addition to the minors offered by our school.

Some programmatic-specific minors you may wish to consider include:

Minors for Future Educators

By including one of the below minors from the School of Education, foreign language majors will be provisionally licensed to teach foreign languages in Virginia and 33 other states when they graduate. Contact the School of Education Student Services Center for more information on licensure.