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Students of anthropology acquire many skills relevant in today’s increasingly globalized economy in which the ability to communicate across cultures, think creatively and see the world from diverse perspectives are vital to career success and life satisfaction.

an archaeologist working at an excavation site

Foreign Language

Businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies are increasingly looking for employees with real world international experience who are able to communicate in a second language.

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International Studies

International Studies majors graduate with the transferable knowledge, skills and experience that are highly employable in a variety of businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, institutions and programs that understand the value of diversity and are committed to contributing to the health and well being of society.

flags from around the world flying on flag poles outside

Religious Studies

The program provides students with an abundance of knowledge and skills that are highly appreciated and sought by businesses, government institutions and agencies, and nonprofit organizations that are comprised of and engage with diverse individuals and communities.

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