Eugenia Munoz

Eugenia Munoz, Ph.D.


(804) 827-0959

Lafayette Hall, 312 N. Shafer St., room 114

foreign language



  • Ph.D., University of Virginia
  • M.A., Syracuse University
  • B.A., Universidad del Valle, Colombia


Eugenia Munoz previously taught at Universidad del Cauca, Colombia. She served as chair of the Spanish Program for six years and was the Director of the Spanish Study Abroad Program at Universidad Internacional in Cuernavaca, Mexico for eighteen years (2001- 2019). She teaches Literature classes at the 300 and 400 level. 

Publications and Awards

She has published the following books:

Literary criticism: Novelización y Parodia en obras de Gabriel García Márquez, Rafael Humberto Moreno Durán, Fanny Buitrago y Jorge Eliécer Pardo, Editorial Pijao, Bogotá. Woman conflict and historical memory in the works of Jorge Eliécer Pardo. Editorial Pijao, Bogotá.

Textbook: "Lectura de textos: Interpretación y análisis. Narrativa, poesía, drama y ensayo". Editorial Pearson, USA.

Poetry: Ser de mujer. Ediciones Torremozas, Madrid. Vida ennegrecida. Editorial Betania, Madrid. Voces y Razones, Editorial Pijao. Bogotá. La vida en poemas CD, Nomega Studios, Richmond, VA. De Inmigraciones y Reflexiones, Editorial La Oveja Negra, Bogotá. Youtube: Voices of feelings - By Eugenia Munoz M. (Poetry Reading in Spanish.) Forthcoming book of poetry: Tiempo, seres queridos y amores idos. Book in progress:” Cosas que deben ser y otras, no ser” (Things that should be and others, not to be.)

Short stories in Anthologies: El hijo de Flor (Flor’s son), Editorial Benma, Mexico.  La Misión (The Mission). Editorial Raíces latinas, USA.  

Book editor of non-fiction book: Memorias de familia.(Family memories),Editorial Pijao, Bogotá. 

Awards: For her textbook "Lectura de textos: Interpretación y análisis. Narrativa, poesía, drama y ensayo", she received:

  • The 2011 Best of Foreign Languages ‚Äč‚ÄčAssociation of Virginia. 
  • Second-place award for Best Educational Book in the International Latino Book Award in 2013.

Her literary criticism chapters and articles have been published in diverse countries such as USA, Colombia, Mexico, Perú, Brazil; and cited in books, journals, newspapers, university courses, dissertations, library catalogs, blogs, and websites in the United States, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico. 

Her poems have been published in anthologies in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, República Dominicana, and USA. Some of her poems have been recited by others in poetry readings in USA, Mexico, Colombia, and Ceuta. 

Her poem "Una madre sin su hija (A mother without her daughter)" is part of the theatrical work of testimony against the unpunished murders of Mexican women, entitled "Mujeres de arena” (Women of Sand) by Mexican playwright Humberto Robles. This work has been dramatized continuously since 2004 in more than 20 countries with translations into Italian, English, German, French and Catalan. Also, another poem of hers, has been included in a Spanish textbook in Norway.