Religious Studies


Religious Studies is a far-reaching interdisciplinary subject utilizing diverse methodologies to analyze world religions, human spirituality and religious phenomena. Our curriculum includes the major global traditions as well as newly emerging spiritualities and belief systems. We explore the artistic, ethical, historical, psychological, and social dimensions of religions, as well as the influence of religions on sexuality, gender, race, health, ecology, public policy and social justice.

Religious studies majors develop strong analytic, communication and creative skills useful in an increasingly globalized economy where more and more people with different beliefs are coming together. We promote critical thinking and informed conversation as well as experiential learning such as study abroad and internships.

Learn more about Religious Studies by visiting our faculty page,  the VCU Bulletin plan of study and major map for Religious Studies.

We Offer

In addition to offering coursework and a B.A. in Religious Studies for our students, we serve the entire community through free public lecture series which host distinguished scholars who shed light on spiritual and religious practices throughout the world. We also sponsor a dialogue forum to foster religious sensitivity and cultural understanding.

Our curriculum offers coursework in all the major global religions as well as newer spiritual practices. Our Catholic Studies and Judaic Studies curricula are especially robust and shed light on two of the world’s oldest religions. Several of our faculty are also contributors to the World Religions and Spirituality website.

Professional Paths

Our students gain sharp critical thinking, analytical and communication skills valuable in many fields and especially within an increasingly globalized economy. As more and more people of different faiths and cultural backgrounds find themselves working together, being able to understand and communicate different perspectives is vital to successful collaboration.

Many of our students go on to pursue careers in nonprofits and international companies, citing their Religious Studies education as providing them with the skills necessary for conflict resolution and interpersonal communication.