Our faculty join us from throughout the country and world! 

(If you are a faculty member in need of guidance, please visit our faculty resources page. Language faculty can learn more about teletandem here.)

Name Title Email Phone
Vera Abbate, PhD Teaching Assistant Professor vabbate@vcu.edu 804-828-2887
Edward M. Abse, Ph.D. Assistant Professor emabse@vcu.edu 804.827.1143
Ulrike C. Bertino Adjunct Instructor of French ucbertino@vcu.edu
Natalia Boykova Teaching Assistant Professor nvboykova@vcu.edu 804.827.3414
Ruth Bradner rebradner@vcu.edu
Anton T. Brinckwirth, Ph.D. Director of The World Studies Media Center, Term Instructor abrinckwirth@vcu.edu 804.827.1149
Aspen Brinton, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of International Studies aebrinton@vcu.edu 804.827.1767
Christopher A. Brooks, Ph.D. Professor cabrooks@vcu.edu 804.827.1232
R. Andrew Chesnut, Ph.D. Bishop Walter Sullivan Chair of Catholic Studies
rachesnut@vcu.edu 804.827.3408
Sydney Conrad, PhD Teaching Assistant Professor skconrad@vcu.edu 804.827.1925
Cinzia T. Corubolo Teaching Assistant Professor ctcorubo@vcu.edu 804.827.3432
Patricia W. Cummins, PhD Professor pcummins@vcu.edu 804.827.0958
Pablo de Cuba Soria, Ph.D. Instructor pdecubasoria@vcu.edu 804.827.2941
Luís Díaz-Díaz Adjunct Instructor of Spanish ldiaz@vcu.edu
Cliff Edwards, Ph.D. Professor cedwards@vcu.edu 804.827.3409
Jennifer Garvin-Sanchez, Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor of Religious Studies jlgarvinsanc@vcu.edu
Robert Godwin-Jones, PhD Professor rgjones@vcu.edu
Ngoc-My Guidarelli Adjunct Instructor of French nguidare@vcu.edu 804.827.3600
Mar Góngora, PhD Professor mmgongora@vcu.edu 804.827.3401
Richard Harrington, Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor of Anthropology rjharrington@vcu.edu
Jan Hatcher-Conquest hatcherjp@vcu.edu
Duanel D. Infante, Ph.D. Associate Professor ddiazinfante@vcu.edu 804.827.2941
José L. Flórez, M. Ed. Adjunct Faculty florezjl@vcu.edu
Rohan Kalyan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor rkkalyan@vcu.edu
Peter Kirkpatrick, PhD Co-director French Film Festival Associate Professor pkirk@vcu.edu 804.827.3425
Cindy Kissel-Ito Adjunct Instructor of Religious Studies clkisselito@vcu.edu
Brahima Kone Adjunct Instructor of French bkone@vcu.edu
Gina Kovarsky, Ph.D. Teaching Assistant Professor gkovarsk@vcu.edu
Ana Yenni Leon Lima Adjunct Instructor of Spanish leonlimaay@vcu.edu
Jessica Lonnes, M.Ed. Coordinator of SWS Advising Office
Teaching Assistant Professor
jmlonnes@vcu.edu 804.827.4578
Maria E. Lopez Adjunct Instructor of Spanish melopez@vcu.edu
Bernard K. Means, Ph.D. Teaching Assistant Professor bkmeans@vcu.edu 804.827.1985
Patricia Michelsen-King, M.A. Instructor pmichelsenki@vcu.edu
Laura Middlebrooks, Ph.D. Teaching Assistant Professor middlebrooks@vcu.edu 804.827.2938
Maribel Moheno, Ph.D. Instructor mmoheno@vcu.edu 804.827.2939
Alvaro Molina, Ph.D. Instructor amolina2@vcu.edu 804-827-2940
Kathyrn Murphy-Judy, Ph.D. Associate Professor Foreign Language Coordinator kmurphy@vcu.edu 804.827.3420
Eugenia Muñoz, Ph.D. Professor emunoz@vcu.edu 804.827.0959
Anita Nadal Teaching Assistant Professor nadalaa@vcu.edu 804.827.3405
Esther Nelson Adjunct Instructor of Religious Studies enelson@vcu.edu
Kelsey O'Neill, M.A. Adjunct Instructor of Anthropology oneillk@vcu.edu
Samaneh Oladi Ghadikolaei, Ph.D. Assistant Professor soladighadiko@vcu.edu 804-828-7880
Angelina Overvold, Ph.D. Associate Director of the School of World Studies Associate Professor aovervol@vcu.edu 804.827.3416
Matthew Pawlowicz, Ph.D. Teaching Assistant Professor mcpawlowicz@vcu.edu 804.827.3638
Frank A. Penland Adjunct Instructor of Latin penlandfa@vcu.edu
Susanne Pesch Adjunct Instructor of German peschs@vcu.edu
Bernardo Piciché, J.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor bpiciche@vcu.edu
Kamilia Rahmouni, Ph.D. Assistant Professor rahmounik@vcu.edu
Amy Rector, Ph.D. Assistant Professor alrector@vcu.edu) 804.827.3406
Isabelle K. Richman, Ph.D., J.D. Teaching Assistant Professor ikrichman@vcu.edu 804.827.3433
Kristin Roberts kroberts8@vcu.edu
Andrew Sharp, Ph.D. Affiliate Assistant Professor of Religious Studies amsharp2@vcu.edu
Robert Sims, PhD Professor rsims@vcu.edu 804.827.3424
Oliver C. Speck, Ph.D. Associate Professor ocspeck@vcu.edu 804.827.0910
Christopher M. Stevenson, Ph.D. Associate Professor cmstevenson@vcu.edu 804.827.3418
Indira Sultanić, Ph.D, CHI™ Assistant Professor isultanic@vcu.edu (804) 828-0425
Mayda Topoushian, Ph.D. Teaching Assistant Professor mtopoushian@vcu.edu
Nelida Torres Adjunct Instructor of Spanish ntorres@vcu.edu 804.827.4376
Faedah M. Totah, Ph.D. Associate Professor ftotah@vcu.edu
Gabriella Valsecchi Adjunct Instructor of Italian gmvalsecchi@vcu.edu
Tricia Vesely, Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor of Religious Studies veselypl@vcu.edu
Jonathan W. Waybright Teaching Assistant Professor SWS Internship Coordinator jwwaybri@vcu.edu
David Weinfeld, Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor daweinfeld@vcu.edu 804-828-8948
James R. Wilson, J.D. Adjunct Instructor of Religious Studies jrwilson2@vcu.edu
Ulrike K. Wilson, PhD Adjunct Professor of German ukwilson@vcu.edu
Mark Wood, Ph.D. Director of the School of World Studies Associate Professor mdwood@vcu.edu 804.827.3415
Jianru Yang Adjunct Instructor of Chinese yangj7@vcu.edu